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Jump goals

At Alphatek, we're continually striving to enhance your experience with our AlphaPWR system. With this in mind, we're pleased to give an introduction to a recent update: the "goal" feature for the Jump screen. It's all about pushing your limits and creating a dynamic, engaging environment for training or physiotherapy sessions.

Introducing height/time goals

Jump goals add an element of target-setting to your jump routines. This new option allows you to establish either a height goal or a time goal, bringing an aspect of gamification to your workouts, which can foster motivation, engagement, and a healthy sense of competition.

Height goal: Set an ambitious target for yourself or your athletes between 50cm and 500cm. Upon starting your jumps, a stopwatch timer initiates and keeps counting until you reach an accumulated jump height equal to or exceeding the goal. It's a fun, engaging way to push one's limits and reach new heights – literally!

Time goal: If you thrive under pressure, the time goal will be your ally. Select a time span between 10s and 30s. As soon as the first jump initiates, a countdown timer starts. Your mission? Achieve the highest accumulated jump height possible within that duration.

Enriching Training Sessions and Physiotherapy

What's more, jump goals aren't limited to sports training alone. It's equally valuable in physiotherapy settings, assisting with rehabilitation and recovery. A great example is the incorporation of jump goals into the Side Hop Test.

Start viewing at 2:53 for an explanation of the Side Hop test.

The Side Hop Test is an efficient way to assess a patient's agility, balance, and strength – particularly in recovery following a knee injury or surgery. With the jump goals feature, you can set either a height or time goal, making the test more engaging for the patients and providing a clearer measure of progress over time.

For instance, you can set a time goal, prompting the patient to achieve as many side hops as possible within a set timeframe. Alternatively, a height goal can encourage a patient to focus on the power and control needed to reach a cumulative jump height during their repetitions. It introduces an element of challenge, while still keeping a close eye on the patient's recovery.

With this latest feature, AlphaPWR provides a fresh, fun, and interactive way to meet fitness and recovery goals. We look forward to hearing your feedback and experiences with the ‘Set Goal’ feature!
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