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AlphaPWR uses science to optimize your technique, tempo and intensity. By measuring your ground reaction force with extreme precision, AlphaPWR hacks your workout giving you the best results possible.

How to use AlphaPWR to track your progress

Why velocity based training?

We want to give you an introduction on how to improve the quality of your training using our patent pending platform to apply cutting edge velocity based training.


And why do we use velocity? If you've ever taken a set of squats to failure, you have probably felt how the first repetitions feels fast and easy, while the last barely moves? In Alphatek we use this phenomena to objectively measure how far you are from failure and guide you to an optimized number of repetitions on each set.


You may have also noticed that when you add load to the bar it moves slower. Picture yourself doing an explosive squat with an empty bar. The rep will be ultra fast, and you'll be training your ability to produce force quickly. Perfect if you are a sprinter. And when you add more weight, the bar will move slower. But it will still be bouncing a bit off your shoulder. You will now be training power.


Your athletic ability. Perfect load for most sports. Then you add even more weight. The bar moves even slower. You're almost grinding it up. You are now close to your 1RM and in a zone where your maximum strength is being trained in an effective way.


By using the correlation between velocity and load we can give you the perfect load for your goal. And the best part is: We will choose the optimal load even if your daily form is a bit off.

How can velocity based training on AlphaPWR revolutionize your training?

AlphaPWR will give you instant feedback on your lifting velocity and your squatting debt. It uses the mean propulsive velocity in the concentric phase of your lift. Feedback given during your set, has higher value than watching feedback after your set is done. Or even watching a video of your lifts. Using our system gives you an edge when it comes to ensure that you're lifting with the highest possible quality.

The improving effect from motivation and competitiveness is seen both in male and female lifters when their given feedback visually. The big screen on the AlphaPWR-system ensures clear and objective feedback that'll give you and your team-mates the best quality of each rep.


Using our velocity-zones will help you pick the optimal load for each set and workout.


The velocity measured by AlphaPWR can be used to perfectly prescribe the load you should use if your goal of the workout is either increasing strength, improving power or speed, or increase your muscle mass. It's a better way of finding the load for your daily form.


If you've slept poorly, not eaten enough or simply had a bad day, our system will prescribe you a lighter load. The reason is that your neuromuscular readiness will be reflected in the lifting velocity of the first reps on every set.


The way to use the system is to increase the load, set by set until the screen shows the desired zone. Recent research shows that this can be superior to standard static percentage based programs or even subjective RIR-based autoregulated programs.

This can be an effective tool for sports combining concurrent strength and endurance training, and also be used as a way of indirectly but more accurate estimate 1RM without the hazard of doing an actual maximal 1RM test.


For more advanced athletes the use of individualized load and velocity profiles will be even more beneficial. For everybody who wants to get stronger, more powerful and faster without injuries and fatigue, this is the way to go.

The use of drop in velocity will guide you to your perfect training volume.

The drop in velocity both during a set and during a workout is closely connected to the state of your neuromuscular system. To stop your set before you reach failure will both increase your strength, power, speed and athletic quality.

This with less fatigue and shorter rest needed, both between sets and workouts. Research have shown superior increases in strength, with between 60-70% less repetitions done. To train hard enough, but not too hard is the key to both performance and the key to staying injury free over time.


Just follow the AlphaPWR traffic light system. Lift hard as long as you have a green light, push even harder when you see yellow and stop when the light is red. Simple and effective. The Alphatek-way.

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