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Discover AlphaPWR, the game-changing tool for training and testing. Get real-time feedback and data on exercises like balance, jumps, and strength. Empower athletes and fitness enthusiasts to elevate their workouts. Upgrade to AlphaPWR and unleash your potential.

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The Ultimate Training & Testing Solution!

Master Your Fitness Goals with AlphaPWR's Customized Workout Screens and Cutting-Edge Technology

AlphaPWR features a suite of specialized software modules, each designed for distinct workout and testing applications. Our intuitive "Workout Screens" offer seamless access to these various functionalities.

Read more about the different work out screens here:

As an online platform, AlphaPWR consistently delivers updates and new features, ensuring your training experience stays fresh and cutting-edge. Harness the power of AlphaPWR's versatile software modules and maximize your performance.

Unlock the Power of Feedback for Enhanced Motivation and Results

The importance of feedback in training and testing cannot be overstated. When users receive real-time information about their performance, they can make immediate adjustments and fine-tune their workouts, leading to better results and faster progress. Feedback helps users stay on track with their goals, ensuring that they're always moving in the right direction.


Moreover, feedback boosts motivation by providing a clear picture of achievements and areas for improvement. This increased awareness enables users to celebrate their successes, understand their challenges, and stay engaged with their training program.


With AlphaPWR's instant feedback capabilities, users will be empowered to unlock their full potential and reach new heights in their fitness journey.

Experience Unparalleled Ease of Use with AlphaPWR

We've designed AlphaPWR with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. Effortlessly take control of the system by scanning the QR code displayed on the screen, and seamlessly switch between workout screens without installing any software on your mobile device.


Our innovative web-based "Remote" not only allows you to navigate the system but also customize workout parameters, such as restitution time, for a truly personalized training experience. AlphaPWR's intuitive design puts the power of tailored workouts right at your fingertips.

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Boost Your Income with Alphatek's Comprehensive Report Generation System

AlphaPWR's extensive testing capabilities cover a wide range of physiological properties, including strength, balance, readiness, symmetry, and cardio. As a professional, you can capitalize on these features by using Alphatek's test report generator to create detailed reports for your athletes, patients, or customers.


Effortlessly document progress and analyze the effectiveness of your training programs, adding value to your services and generating additional revenue. Let AlphaPWR enhance your expertise and help your clients reach their goals.

Elevate Your Squats with Alphatek's AI-Powered Precision Tracking

AlphaPWR's advanced AI technology takes your squats to the next level by providing real-time, ultra-precise tracking. Our system custom-tailors the weight load to your daily form, ensuring optimal progression while minimizing the risk of injury.


To make your workouts even more intuitive, AlphaPWR uses a traffic light system to signal when it's time to stop.


Green means go, yellow indicates you're approaching your limit, and red signifies it's time to stop. With AlphaPWR's AI-driven guidance and user-friendly feedback, you'll experience unparalleled training efficiency and safety.

Complete Setup in Three Sizes for Any Space and Need

The comprehensive AlphaPWR package includes a 50" monitor for clear visual feedback, a cutting-edge AlphaPWR sensor to track performance metrics, access to a test report generator for detailed progress analysis, and a damping floor for added safety during workouts. Catering to various needs and spaces, there are three different sizes available, ensuring a tailored solution for every user.


(L x W x H):

110 x 110 x 8cm


Size (L x W x H):

310 x 215 x 8cm


Size (L x W x H):

610 x 215 x 8cm

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