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AlphaPWR - the new standard for optimized strength training.

Our patent pending system will boost your motivation, prevent injuries and make sure you have optimal progress in your strength training.


AlphaPWR gives you live objective feedback through advanced metering technology and machine learning. This includes exercises such as squats,

jump testing, static deadlift and balance. 

All performance parameters are presented to the user during the workout on a monitor in front of the user. This enables the user to take key decisions on the fly.

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Give your gym an edge over the competition

AlphaPWR gives you an edge over the competition by bringing state of the art technology into your gym. We provide motivation to your customers through gamification and a new mindset for free weight training.The difference is that we focus on quality of repetitions instead of quantity. This is done by our intuitive traffic light system that stops the user at the sweet spot between muscle growth and risk of injury.

- Want to attract more customers?

AlphaPWR provides your local sports team with an incentive to join your gym as the coach can easily track the athlete’s readiness and manipulate their training program to fit important activities or competitions during the season. The athletes can also easily track progression with the test screens to check if they are on track. 

Future-proof your gym

AlphaPWR is always connected to our service center through the internet, which makes it possible for our service team to continuously monitor system health status. We made this feature to make sure that you have one less thing to worry about. 


New functions are added to AlphaPWR all the time and the best thing is - you don’t have to do anything. The updates are sent directly to your system and are up and running in the blink of an eye. We encourage our customers to participate in the continuous development of AlphaPWR, as we appreciate your ideas on new functionality and workout screens that can make the system even better.

Increased motivation

The system makes it easier for users to track progress which encourages them to come back to the gym regularly. AlphaPWR is designed to enforce the user to lift with maximum intent. This means that both the muscles and the neuromuscular system are fired with maximum effort for every single repetition. The visual feedback of the system rewards the user if the focus on intent is kept high, taking the quality of the workout to the next level. 


The “Pull” screen is designed to minimize the risk of injury when testing with maximum effort. This is a great tool for personal trainers to use on their customers to track and document progress. The user is also rewarded with an animal badge based on the performance. This workout screen is great for attracting people, and is a great tool to engage gym users in a competition. 


The “Jump” screen is a fun way to objectively measure jump height, giving the user satisfaction by seeing results directly on the screen after each jump. By measuring jump height over time it is possible to detect if there is extensive fatigue, and if the user needs to reduce the workout load to stay injury free. This screen is also a great tool for arranging local competitions. 


One of the most requested features by our customers is a module where we can analyze squatting techniques and detect if the technique makes the user prone to injury. This is on our roadmap. Meanwhile we have uploaded the “Balance” screen so the users get a treat about what is coming.

Optimize your workout

Our system has a user friendly interface enabling all users, both casual and high performance athletes to take advantage of it to get an optimal workout. 


The real-time feedback greatly simplifies Velocity Based Training (VBT). A traffic light is used as an indicator for when the user should stop lifting. Yes, that is correct; you can actually benefit from not driving the workout to exhaustion!

Reduce risk of injury

The stop light feature allows personal trainers to give their customers a training program that is easy to follow, and easy to follow up on. This feature is especially useful for elderly gym goers and people that are new to strength training as they’ll be able to avoid repetitions that could lead to injury.

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