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A brief introduction to this mode

There are three available modes for the jump module selectable by scanning the on screen qr code.


TIA time in the air: this calculates your jump height using the time you are of the platform.

TOV take off velocity: this calculates the height of your jump using the force developed during take off. This cannot be tricked by pulling up your legs.

Both: displays the results from both methods of calculating on the same screen.


Select the desired mode and step onto AlphaPWR for calibration.

After the screen changes you can jump as many times you want and the results will be displayed on the screen after each jump

Jump first.jpg
Jump calibration .jpg


Stand still

To get the correct measurement for your jump, you need to stand as still as possible while AlphaPWR is calibrating. As soon as the calibration is done, the screen will shift to the jump-screen and you can now start jumping.

Step one

Time to jump

TIA and TOV mode also have a result screen comparing all the jumps.


The jump module can be used to test your daily readiness. If you start each day at the gym by performing a counter movement jump on AlphaPWR. You can easily see if you are well rested and ready for a hard workout by comparing your jump height from day to day. If one day your jump height is drastically lower you should take an easy workout.

If you step back onto AlphaPWR you will exit the rapport screen and start a new calibration.

AlphaPWR skjermbilde-8.jpg


A brief introduction on how to start

Scan the QR code on the screen to access the menu. Here you can choose between the available modes and options. No download is needed.


Current available modes are:

AlphaPWR skjermbilde-4.jpg
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