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A brief introduction to this mode

The balance test module is a workout scene that gives a balance score from 0 - 100 based on a test performed in a time interval ranging from 0-10 seconds. The test duration can be adjusted in the app.


The test is effective to test any exercise that involves balance and can be adjusted to the skill level of the user. See the examples listed below:

Easy - Stand on both legs and close your eyes

Intermediate - Stand on one leg

Hard - Stand on one leg and close your eyes

Extreme - Handstand


Your creativity is the limit!

Balansemodul nr 1.jpg
Balansemodul nr 2.jpg

Score and balance plot

The score is the most “available” measure of your overall performance during the balance test, and is based on area measurement. The lower the area, the higher your score.


Both area and circumference are calculated using the shape shown with a dashed white line in the top right plot.


In the plot, the continuous center of pressure (white) and center of mass (gold) are shown as path lines, zoomed in to be easily viewable on the TV. The white cross indicates the mean center of pressure, while the dashed white line around the plot shows the “outer shape”, more precisely the convex hull, of the center of pressure line.


This section can help you understand your “all-round” performance.


The graph shows the continuous absolute distance between the “current” center of pressure (white) and center of mass (gold) to the mean center of pressure (shown as a white cross in the topmost plot), indicated by the dashed line on the bottom of the graph.The straight, solid white line indicates mean deviation.

Balansemodul nr 3.jpg
Balansemodul nr 4.jpg

Left-to-right and back-to-front

These sections give an indication as to how good your side-to-side and back/forth balance is.


The graphs show the continuous distance between the “current” center of pressure (white) and center of mass (gold) to the mean center of pressure, much like the deviation graph. These differ from the deviation by being directional, so there are both negative (left/back) and positive (right/front) values.


  1. Step onto AlphaPWR

  2. Prepare your stands and the test starts in four seconds

  3. Stand as still as possible during the test

  4. Analyse your results


A brief introduction to this mode

The balance module shows you the weight distribution on the AlphaPWR. Simply step onto the middle of AlphaPWR and you will instantly see the weight distribution. Currently in beta and meant to show the possibilities of the platform. 

If you step on the platform with weights on you can see how your balance is during lifting. You will easily see if you lift more with the left or the right foot. And you will see if you lean forwards or backwards when you get tired.

AlphaPWR skjermbilde-10.jpg
AlphaPWR skjermbilde-11.jpg

Frist step

Begin moving

1.The bar on the bottom of your screen will help you find the right load. Simply add more weight until you are in the right velocity zone.

The bar will tell you which zone you are inn (speed, power or strength). 

2. If you are in the speed zone and want to work out in the strength zone, simply add more weight. The idea is to change your velocity by adding or removing weight on your bar. Remember to always lift with as explosive as possible 


A brief introduction on how to start

Scan the QR code on the screen to access the menu. Here you can choose between the available modes and options. No download is needed.


Current available modes are:

AlphaPWR skjermbilde-4.jpg
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