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A brief introduction to this mode

In squat mode you get live feedback on your training while you are doing a set.

To get started simply follow the instructions on the screen. 


  1. Add the amount of weight you wish on the bar.

  2. Pick up the weights and step onto AlphaPWR

  3. Stand still for calibration.

  4. Once the loading ring is full and the screen changes take one squat

  5. Remember to lift as fast as you can. The screen indicates a new squat by a white flash.

AlphaPWR skjermbilde-14.jpg
AlphaPWR skjermbilde-7.jpg

Before you start

Find your zone

The bar on the bottom of your screen will help you find the right load. Simply add more weight until you are in the right velocity zone. The bar will tell you which zone you are inn (speed, power or strength). 

If you are in the speed zone and want to work out in the strength zone, simply add more weight. The idea is to change your velocity by adding or removing weight on your bar. Remember to always lift with as explosive as possible.


Stand still

 To get the correct measurement for your jump, you need to stand as still as possible while AlphaPWR is calibrating. As soon as the calibration is done, the screen will shift to the squat-screen and you can now start squatting.

Squat calibrating.jpg
Squatting start.jpg

Start lifting!

Get ready to rumble

Speed: Faster than 1 m/s Power: 0,5 m/s - 1 m/s Strength: Slower than 0,5 m/s.

The distance shows you how low your squat was with this given weight. You can compare the distance during the given set to see that each squat are the same.

Keep going!

You're doing great

After completing the first repetition you will get information that you can use to autoregulate and optimize your workout.

AlphaPWR skjermbilde-12.jpg
AlphaPWR skjermbilde-9.jpg

You can do it!

Yes you can!

The concentric velocity will start to drop as you get closer to failure. The screen after a few squats you will see that there is displayed a drop percentage. This tells you how much your speed has dropped from the fastest squat you had. This percentage also controls the traffic light. The goal during your set is to keep it green as long as possible.

That's enough!

Oh, you're cooked

When the speed of your squats drop below 25% the light turns red and tells you to stop your set. The velocity drop can be adjusted in the menu. Higher drop in velocity often means more fatigue, longer rest needed and more hypertrophic response from the given set.

AlphaPWR skjermbilde-13.jpg
AlphaPWR skjermbilde-27.jpg

Fifth step

Analyze your results

On the results screen you get a summary of your workout and you can compare each squat.

The first graph shows you the velocity of each squat. The second shows you the distance (depth) of the squats. 

The table at the bottom lets you compare each squat by showing you the difference in velocity and power generated in each squat.

If you step back onto AlphaPWR you will exit the report screen and start a new calibration. If you wait more than the set wait time (adjustable in the menu) the screen automatically goes back to the weigh in screen.


A brief introduction on how to start

Scan the QR code on the screen to access the menu. Here you can choose between the available modes and options. No download is needed.


Current available modes are:

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