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Unleash Your Team's Potential with AlphaPWR.

Discover the power of AlphaPWR for your sports team! Our cutting-edge gamified software revolutionizes training by making workouts engaging and personalized. The velocity-based tracking system allows athletes to monitor progress in real-time, optimizing strengths and addressing weaknesses. ​


Detailed progress reports offer valuable performance insights, helping athletes refine their skills and reach their potential. AlphaPWR fosters a motivated, committed, and united team environment. ​


Give your team the competitive edge needed to excel. Investing in AlphaPWR showcases your dedication to their long-term success. Don't hesitate – try AlphaPWR and experience the transformative difference it can make.

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Why do you need AlphaPWR?

Empower Your Athletes with Real-Time Progress Monitoring

AlphaPWR revolutionizes personalized workout programs by incorporating autoregulation and daily form assessment, creating individualized plans with ease of use. This minimizes the effort required from coaches while ensuring that each athlete receives a tailored training experience. The smart system adjusts the program based on an athlete's daily performance, ensuring optimal results without overloading or under-stimulating them, making it a go-to tool for coaches seeking efficiency and precision in their training methods.

Minimizing Injury Risk with Personalized Training

AlphaPWR helps reduce the risk of injury by offering personalized workouts tailored to each individual's abilities and progress. By closely monitoring performance and adjusting training intensity, the software ensures that athletes avoid overtraining or pushing beyond their limits. This mindful approach to fitness not only promotes optimal performance but also safeguards the well-being of athletes, making AlphaPWR an essential tool for a safe and efficient training experience.

Effortless Personalized Training

AlphaPWR offers a comprehensive solution to facilitate safe and effective return-to-play (RTP) protocols, thanks to its advanced testing features. Here are three key features that contribute to an athlete's successful recovery and reintegration into their sport:


  • AlphaPWR's balance testing feature helps coaches and medical staff monitor an athlete's balance improvements during RTP, enabling informed decisions on training intensity and progression.

  • Jump Testing with AlphaPWR accurately measures an athlete's explosive power and coordination, providing valuable feedback on their readiness to return to sport-specific activities.

  • AlphaPWR's isometric testing evaluates an athlete's muscle strength and endurance, allowing coaches and medical staff to set specific testing protocols based on the athlete's injury and recovery progress for a safe RTP.

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