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The AlphaPWR monitor screen is a playground for creative souls to unleash their imagination and explore the possibilities of the system. It invites you to experiment with visual representations, allowing for personalized and artistic interpretations of center of pressure, weight, force, and 2-second peak force. With AlphaPWR, the monitor screen becomes a canvas for creative exploration, making your training experience truly unique.

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Scan the QR code

Start by scanning the QR code displayed on the screen using your smartphone or tablet. This will redirect you to the AlphaPWR remote control webpage. Once there, navigate to the list of available options and select "Balance Monitor."

Monitor settings:

  1. Peak Force Seconds: Displays the maximum force measured over a selected time interval.

  2. Circle Test: Shows a circle on-screen; measures the time your balance point remains within it.

  3. Show Weight: Provides a real-time display of your weight.

Click "Go!" when you are ready

Step on

View your balance point (COP), maximum force, and weight in real time.


If the circle test is selected, a 5-second countdown begins upon stepping on. Maintain your balance within the circle to keep the timer active. If you move out, the timer stops, and the circle disappears, marking the test's end.

To restart the test, just step off and then back onto the AlphaPWR sensor.

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