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  • How does the AlphaPWR system work?
    The AlphaPWR system utilizes four load cells within its sensor to quickly measure weight. By using physics and mathematics, the system is able to calculate and display various data points, such as balance plots, lifting speed, and balance data. Additionally, the use of AI enables ultrafast calculations to provide users with real-time feedback during their workout.
  • What are the key features and benefits of using AlphaPWR for training?
    As a versatile training tool, AlphaPWR offers a range of key features and benefits depending on your needs and goals. With the ability to customize workout parameters, track progress with personalized reports, and access gamified software that engages and motivates users, AlphaPWR is an excellent tool for training centers, clinics, and sports teams. AlphaPWR can ease your daily duties, click on one of the links below. Link to Gym’s Link to Sports teams Link to Clinitians
  • Is AlphaPWR suitable for all levels of athletes and fitness enthusiasts?
    Yes, AlphaPWR is suitable for all levels of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The system includes functionality for beginners to advanced users, with customizable workout parameters based on the user's physical level. Additionally, our test report system allows you to create a variety of reports tailored to each individual's needs, ensuring that everyone can benefit from using AlphaPWR.
  • What devices and platforms are compatible with AlphaPWR?
    The system comes with a 50-inch Samsung monitor that is handpicked by Alphatek to provide you with the best possible workout experience. To use the remote control, you only need a phone with a web browser and a QR code scanner. You don't need to install any additional software, which makes it easy for your customers, athletes, or patients to use the system on their own.
  • How much does the AlphaPWR system cost, and are there any subscription plans?
    There are two costs associated with AlphaPWR: the hardware cost and the monthly software fee. The prices may vary depending on the plan you choose. If you are interested, please contact Alphatek for more information on pricing.
  • Is my personal data secure and private when using AlphaPWR?
    As of now, there is no functionality for data storage with the AlphaPWR system, but we are working on adding this feature in the future. We take data privacy and security very seriously and strictly follow the guidelines of GDPR to ensure that all personal data is secure and kept private.
  • How can I get support or assistance if I encounter issues with the system?
    If you encounter any issues with the AlphaPWR system, you can easily reach out to our support team for assistance. As the system is connected to the internet, we can remotely check the status of the system and troubleshoot any problems. If we are unable to solve the issue remotely, we will send a technician to your location to fix the problem. This service is included in the monthly fee for the system, so you can be assured that you will receive the support you need to keep your workouts running smoothly.
  • Will people be able to understand how to use AlphaPWR on their own?
    Yes, users should be able to understand how to use AlphaPWR on their own. The system is designed with a user-friendly interface and includes detailed descriptions on the webpage. In fact, the user interface has won awards, including the prestigious Red Dot award, for its intuitive and engaging design.
  • How can you sell test reports to customers if the AlphaPWR system is available for everyone to use at the gym?
    By design, the AlphaPWR system offers all its functions openly to every user, making it seamless and user-friendly, especially with the QR code feature that eliminates the need for any app installation. However, gym owners or those in possession of the product have the flexibility to limit access to specific features if they choose. They can opt to password-protect certain modules or tests. While a gym-goer might freely use the general functionalities, such as the squat module, more specialized tests can be reserved for clients seeking detailed insights or premium services. This system allows gyms and trainers the opportunity to monetize advanced features and provide in-depth test reports as a part of their value-added services.
  • Is it backed up by science?
    Is it backed up by science? Absolutely. At Alphatek, we prioritize a scientific approach in the development of our products. Our commitment to evidence-based innovation is evident in the extensive research we've undertaken. As of now, we have spearheaded two major studies that provide insights into the efficacy and uniqueness of the AlphaPWR platform: 1. Neruromuscular Afaptions and Strength Training for High-Performance Athletes 2. AlphaPWR vs other VBT devices: Is barbell velocity an incomplete metric? Thease bare blogposts that have been refined from bachelor and master thesises written og the respectfull topics.
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