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Mid thigh pull

A brief introduction to this mode

Pull mode is an Isometric Mid Thigh Pull test. Commonly used in sport science and physiology to test athletes progress in strength. 

In order to use the pull mode you need to attach the straps and handle to the MTP attachment point on each side of the AlphaPWR. Simply grab the MTP attachment point and slide it up and attach the hook of the straps.

Use the markings on the straps to adjust the length of the straps. The handles are meant to be placed in the mid thigh height.

Once the straps are attached step onto AlphaPWR to calibrate. After calibration you can grab the handles and pull as hard as you can.

AlphaPWR skjermbilde-23.jpg
Pull calibration.jpg


Stand still

To get the correct measurement for your mid thigh pull, you need to stand as still as possible while AlphaPWR is calibrating. As soon as the calibration is done, the screen will shift to the pull-screen and you can now start pulling.

Step one

Get the straps

Make sure you take up the slack and that the straps are hanging straight in the same height before pulling. Remember to keep your back straight when you are pulling.

AlphaPWR skjermbilde-25.jpg
AlphaPWR skjermbilde-24.jpg

Step two

Time to pull

Pull as hard as you can to see which animal you are.

This can be used to check your readiness and also be an easy test to check your training progress without the risk of injury. Scan the on screen QR-code and share the result with your friends.


A brief introduction on how to start

Scan the QR code on the screen to access the menu. Here you can choose between the available modes and options. No download is needed.


Current available modes are:

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