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Pull mode on AlphaPWR is the perfect solution for those wanting to test their strength with minimal risk of injury.

By attaching the straps and handles to the attachment point on each side of the AlphaPWR and adjusting the length of the straps, you can perform an Isometric Mid Thigh Pull test commonly used in sport science and physiology to track athlete progress.

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Scan the QR code

To access the pull function on AlphaPWR, simply scan the QR code on the screem using your smartphone or tablet. This will redirect you to the AlphaPWR remote. From there, select "pull" from the list of available options.

Attach the straps

Pull up the attachment points so they are elevated from the ground. Next, attach the hooks from the straps through the holes in the attachment points.

When the handles are attached, lay them down on the side of the AlphaPWR sensor.


Step onto the AlphaPWR platform and stand still until the calibration process is complete.


It is important not to pick up the straps before the calibration is finished.


Pick up the handles and slowly extend your body. When you feel the resistance from the straps, pull as hard as you can for two seconds. The score will be displayed on the screen in front of you.

The system will return to the reset screen once you step off, so make sure you have recorded your score before leaving the sensor.


Want to learn more?
Click here to learn how to use the pull function for efficient, safe, fun strength training.

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