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Squat analytics

Unlock Your Squat Potential

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, AlphaPWR provides immediate insights and comprehensive reports to enhance your squat technique and better understand your movement dynamics.


In this step-by-step guide, we'll demonstrate how to navigate the squat analytics feature on AlphaPWR to extract vital data from your squat sessions.


Whether you're just starting out or an experienced athlete aiming for perfection, this guide will help you improve your performance.

Tv screen (31)_edited.png
Tv screen (24)_edited.png


Stand still

First, pick up the weights and step onto the AlphaPWR sensor. 

Wait until calibration finishes.

Start lifting!

Prepare to analyze!

Do a squat. Once done, the screen will showcase your movement pattern, giving insights into your technique and form.

Tv screen (25)_edited.png
Tv screen (26)_edited.png


Analyzeing your results

After your squat, examine the displayed movement. Spot any irregularities or changes from previous sessions. Consistency in technique is vital for safety and effectiveness. Use these insights for minor adjustments in your squat form, and seek feedback from experienced lifters when possible.


Need help interpreting the results? 

Click here for a breakdown of the metrics on the workout screen.

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