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Introducing RSI

Oppdatert: 2. jul. 2023

Greetings, Alphatek community!

We're excited to announce a valuable addition to our AlphaPWR system – the ability to measure the Reactive Strength Index (RSI). This new feature aims to bring a comprehensive approach to evaluating athletic performance.

RSI is an effective measure of an athlete's reactive jump capacity, offering insights into how well they cope with the physical demands of plyometric exercises. Furthermore, it's associated with crucial elements of performance, such as acceleration speed, change of direction speed, and agility. If you're interested in a deeper dive into RSI, feel free to check out this insightful article by Science For Sport.

RSI in AlphaPWR

Using RSI with your AlphaPWR system is very straightforward. Simply scan the QR code on the TV with your phone and select Jump with the TIA algorithm. You'll notice a new checkbox that says "Show RSI". By activating this and clicking "Go", the TV will now display both Ground Contact Time (GCT) and RSI for each jump, as well as explanations for the new metrics in the bottom left of the screen.

Why Use RSI?

RSI offers a combined measure of power and agility, by dividing the jump height by the ground contact time. It brings an added dimension to your fitness evaluation, allowing for a more well-rounded analysis of an athlete's performance.

Influence on Training Programs

RSI measurement empowers trainers, physiotherapists, and sports physiologists to make informed decisions on an athlete's training program. With this feature, you can instantly gauge the effects of specific exercises on reactive strength, and adjust your program accordingly.

From talent identification, assessing training progression, to supporting injury prevention and recovery – the RSI feature provides key data to optimize your approach to athletic development.

Thank you for choosing Alphatek, and for allowing us to be part of your journey to enhancing athletic performance! We look forward to your feedback on our new RSI feature and the impacts it brings to your training routine.

Keep training, keep evolving, and stay Alpha!

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