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A brief introduction on how to start

Scan the QR code on the screen to access the menu. Here you can choose between the available modes and options. No download is needed.


Current available modes are:

  • Squats

  • Pull

  • Jump

  • Balance

AlphaPWR skjermbilde-4.jpg
AlphaPWR skjermbilde-3.jpg

Squat screen

Customize your mode

When selecting squat mode you can customize the traffic light by adjusting the stop percentage.

And select how long you want the rapport screen to stay active.

Jump screen

Select your mode

When selecting jump you can choose between three modes:


  • TIA time in the air: this calculates your jump height using flight time, Remember to land with straight legs.

  • TOV take off velocity: this calculates the height of your jump using the force developed during take off.

  • Both: displays the results from both methods of calculating on the same screen.

AlphaPWR skjermbilde-5.jpg
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