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A brief introduction on how to start

To access the remote control, simply scan the QR code on the screen. From here, you can choose from the available modes and options to customize your workout. The best part is that no downloads are needed, so you can start using Alphatek right away.


Current available modes are:

Mastering the remote control is key to your AlphaPWR experience. For a detailed guide, click the button below to access our Q&A section. You'll find answers to common questions and tips for effective use.



Customize your workout

To start your squat workout on AlphaPWR, begin by scanning the QR code on the monitor and selecting "squat". You'll then see a list of customizable workout parameters on your phone screen.

The velocity drop percentage reflects how fatigued you will feel after the workout, while the restitution time sets the countdown timer between sets.


Once you've set your parameters, press the green "go" button on your phone to begin your workout with the selected settings.

Squat analytics

Unlock your squat potential

  1. Select "Squat" from the dropdown.

  2. Click "Analyse" to get started

    Click "more info" for full instructions. 



Start workout

Simply press the 'Go' button to start your workout.


Select your test parameters

  1. Time in Air (TIA): Calculates jump height from your air time.

  2. Take-off Velocity (TOV): Determines jump height based on takeoff force.

  3. Combined (TIA & TOV): Displays both TIA and TOV results simultaneously.

  4. Height Goal: Jump to reach a custom height goal. System calculates time to goal.

  5. Time Goal: Jump high or many times within a set period. Ideal for side hop tests.

  6. Show Reactive Strength Index (RSI): Measures explosiveness of the jumper. Click [here] for more info.



Set custom test time

This is a time-based test that measures how much the user is moving during a set period of time. The duration of the test can be adjusted by using the slider on the remote control. The results of the balance test are logged and can be used to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement.

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