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V1. By alphatek
V1. by Alphatek

A state of the art weightlifting rig, with everything you expect plus what you don't expect. The AlphaPWR plate, a new standard in weightlifting.

AlphaPWR - the new standard.
For fitness freaks, weight lifters, bodybuilders, gym rats and everyone in between. Give them all a leg up in weightlifting. Attract new customers and improve costumer experience.
Reach your goals.
AlphaPWR has a patent pending way of using ground reaction force during squats to objectively auto regulate training load, lifting velocity, intensity and proximity to failure, helping the lifter optimize how much weight to put on the bar, and when to stop. All the feedback is given immediately on a large screen in front of the lifter, and will increase motivation and quality during each performed rep.
Raising the bar.
Next on the roadmap is giving every gym-goer the possibility to easily assess their own balance, technique,power, strength and daily strength level using only our intuitive force plate-system.
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Based in Stavanger, Norway. Alphatek is a company that aims to combine strength training and science.

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Åsmund Tveitevoll
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