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Pull screen

Oppdatert: 29. apr. 2023

The Pull function is designed as a quick and efficient method to assess an individual's strength while maintaining a low risk of injury.

Using two handles close to your body, the Pull function lets you use all of your body strength to create the most force possible. This feature is perfect for athletes, older adults, and anyone who wants to get better at fitness and strength.

The Pull function is not only safe but also fun and exciting. AlphaPWR's game-like feedback system gives you an animal, like a gorilla or a lion, to show your strength level. This makes it enjoyable and competitive, so you'll want to keep pushing yourself and see how you improve over time.

The Pull function is also great for seeing how you're doing because it always gives the same results for each person's strength level. This means you can trust it to help you see how much progress you've made. Start using the AlphaPWR Pull function today to make your fitness and rehabilitation journey safe, easy, and enjoyable.

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