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AlphaPWR - the new standard for optimized strength training.

Our patent pending system will boost your motivation, prevent injuries and make sure you have optimal progress in your strength training.


AlphaPWR gives you live objective feedback through advanced metering technology and machine learning. This includes exercises such as squats,

jump testing, static dead lift and balance. 


All performance parameters are presented to the user during workout on a monitor in front of the user. This enables the user to take key decisions

on the fly.

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How to use AlphaPWR to improve your progress

Simple and productive testing of daily fitness

The ability to test athletes in a safe and effective way is highly valuable for any sports club. AlphaPWR gives you as a trainer or coach an effective tool for testing your athletes’ daily fitness, and for tracking progress over time.


AlphaPWR also gives you the possibility to test multiple athletes in a short period of time. With our “Jump” and “Pull” screens it just takes a couple of seconds to test each athlete. This enables high frequency monitoring which allows the coach to see when their team is at peak performance.

A controlled and safe way to train your athletes

Our “Squat” screen’s traffic light feature gives the athlete clear visual feedback while they are lifting, providing an easy and safe way of adjusting intensity, volume and weights. The athletes can then measure their 1rm with minimal risk of injury, either by using our “Pull” screen, or by performing a hill-curve test using the results from the “Squat” screen.

Measure progression at many levels

AlphaPWR gives you feedback on velocity, watts, depth, peak power, reps etc., which gives an athlete a wide variety of ways to track their progress. 

Correct intensity every workout

By adjusting the athletes’ workout to focus on velocity based training (VBT) rather than weight and repetitions you will get the correct intensity based on daily fitness. Using the adjustable stop percentage you can control when you want your athletes to stop the workout. This helps ensure that they can train right up until game day and be ready to perform.

A new type of motivation

The traffic light brings a new type of motivational aspect to the training. As it turns yellow, athletes get an incentive to push as hard as they can to get the green light again. This combined with our “Jump” and “Pull” module brings a new type of competition within the team.

Have a say in our next feature

At Alphatek we work to make it easier for you to get the full potential out of your players/members. And to do so we encourage our customers to participate in the continuous development of AlphaPWR, this means that we can work together to make your team get the best out of AlphaPWR. So send us your wishes and we will do our best to make it a reality.

With over-the-air updates you get access to new features straight away without needing to do anything.

Have a say in our next feature

We have several features on our roadmap that will enhance the coach’s overview of the health status of the team. Contact us if you would like to know more.

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