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Bridging the gap between the physiotherapist and patient.

AlphaPWR is a revolutionary product that provides objective analytics about the patients rehabilitation status, and facilitates safe testing and recovery. 

User friendliness is key to the effective use of rehabilitation products, and we believe we give you just that. A companion that guides you and the patient through a fun and safe rehabilitation.

In short; autoregulation, testing and balance insights in an easy to use and fun package.

Why velocity based training?

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Rehabilitation features

Autoregulating recovery

AlphaPWR provides both the patient and physiotherapist with objective live feedback, and autoregulation to adjust the workout to daily form. This makes it possible to do strength training during the rehabilitation process with minimal risk of escalating the injury.

Set desired “stop percentage”, this is the percentage in velocity drop (compared to the fastest repetition) at which the patient should stop lifting. The system will tell the patient that the critical threshold has been reached by emitting a red color on the monitor and displaying the text “That's enough!”.

Minimal risk of injury

The “Pull” screen on AlphaPWR is designed to be an effective, fun and safe tool to test patients. As the exercise does not involve any movement the risk of injury is minimal and the patient can be tested with regular intervals to monitor strength and recovery. 

Balance insights

The “Balance” screen is a useful tool to observe the patient's sway when baling on AlphaPWR. Your imagination sets the limit for what you can use this feature for. The Idea is that the physiotherapist actively monitors the balance point of the patient in real time.


In the not so distant future we are planning to implement guided balance tests with objective scores that can be monitored throughout the rehabilitation process.

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